Writer’s block

I’ve been sitting here for a good hour now trying to come up with a clever and witty beginning to this post. After deleting a million first sentences and staring at a still very much blank “page”, I decided I’d just keep it simple and write whatever comes to my mind and roll with it.


Can’t promise you an insight by the end of it, as I don’t believe myself to be so wise that I can share life-changing thoughts on command, but hey, sometimes that’s not what it is about. Sometimes it’ll be just about documenting how far I’ve come. You up for it?



When I started the blog I wanted to try and keep it up, so I knew I’d need to be consistent about it to create a routine. Writing daily or every other day felt too overwhelming and, honestly, is anyone’s life so interesting that they have something to say about themselves that often? Exactly.

On the other hand, writing only once or twice a month felt like too little to make a habit out of it. That’s when I decided that I’d update my blog once a week, on Tuesdays. I would write and post on the same day, lest to change everything in the text (I’m guilty of doing that way too often and ending up with a version that is not necessarily better).

Oh, and I embraced the writer’s lifestyle cliché today by going to a nearby café and sitting at one of those communal tables (mostly because all other tables were taken) to write while sipping on a cappuccino. I had the feeling of being constantly observed by the people next to me and caught bits of conversation such as “she looks..”, “should we ask her if…”. Maybe I’m being paranoid and it wasn’t about me, but somehow I felt uneasy and wasn’t able to fully focus, so I packed my stuff and returned to my usual spot — the kitchen table. Is that weird?

P.s.: My cappuccino also had a heart and I took my laptop inside a Berlin tote bag. Do I qualify for hipster? 😉




I wish I could say I’ve been trying my best every day, but the truth is that some days are better than others. This week I’ve been sick and the most exercise I’ve done is taking a long walk. However, last week I was quite active. I did yoga, leg workouts and on one of the days even danced (or attempted to) for hours. Oh, let me tell you about this dancing…

One of my closest friends is getting married soon and wants to put on a show just before opening the dance floor by performing a sexy latin dance together with her bridesmaids, including me. Now, here’s the thing: I am not an amazing dancer and have trouble with left and right sometimes, but am coordinated, can shake my hips and move to the beat so I thought to myself, ‘no biggie, you’ve got this!’ 😉

However, in Brazil they have this dance move called “quadradinho” (= little square), which consists of making a square shape with the booty — look it up, people, too complicated to explain haha. Anyways, I practiced in front of the mirror and I couldn’t stop laughing! I was just so stiff and silly trying to go “booty up, to the left, down, to the right”! This is a step that is meant to be very sexy but trust me, this is the last word I could think of when I look like Robocop 🙈 Lucky for me I have still a few weeks before I need to embarrass myself in front of hundreds of people, so there’s hope I’ll somehow learn to fake it 😉


THREE | LEARNING dan-dimmock-323873

To learn something new every day or to read news about the industry has proven to be just as challenging as doing sports because, as a job seeker, I feel like this is “taking away” time that I should be using for applying for jobs. And now imagine a horn blowing as I say: Wrong! It is AS important to learn and keep updated, as it is to apply for jobs. How can you stand out from the crowd if you don’t know what’s going on or how the latest tools work?

That’s why I am investing not only in reading articles but also in taking webinars or doing online courses just to keep my skills or learn new ones. Yesterday I took part in a webinar about how to become a fully-booked social media manager not because I want to become one, but because I thought it’d have some sort of insights about the area (always useful) and could give me some tips on how to market myself as a job seeker or if I decide to do my own thing. Guess what? It did! This specific webinar turned out to focus mostly on LinkedIn as a networking platform (duh!) and a way to reach prospective clients.

Today I wanted to continue doing the digital marketing course I signed up for, but I got distracted chatting with people, oops! So there’s something to tackle tomorrow. 😉

And that’s it, friends! I know it wasn’t a revelation, but I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and how I have been managing to have a purpose and goal every day. I am an ambitious and curious person, and I realize more and more how important it is to make every day count. So here’s my weekly challenge to you: how much time of your day could you dedicate to an activity that enriches your mind? If you’re doing it, awesome! 🙂 You’re already much further than I was when I led a busy work life. If you’re not, how about taking 15 – 20 minutes a day to learn something or dedicating one hour a week to learning a new skill?

See you next week!



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