Journey into the Unknown

When I imagined how life would look like once I quit my job and sailed off into the sunset to enjoy a bit of free time before taking on a new job, this is pretty much what I pictured.

Looking at the beautiful landscape from the top of the Montserrat mountain.
My “I just had ice cream” happy dance


I knew I would have one or two months of summer back home with my family after many years of living abroad and would also get the chance to travel in sunny places. This concept was so seductive that I didn’t even think of the uncertainty and insecurity that comes with having no fixed home or work. (Small side note: to me, it is just as important to be surrounded by loved ones, as it is to pursue a career that challenges me and gets me excited to keep going every day. Perhaps it is naïve to believe that I can have it all, but I prefer calling it optimism. 🙂 ).

Except, life won’t always go according to plan.

I had many interviews, great feedback from several companies but, for one reason or another, it didn’t work out. My friends who believe in faith would tell me something like “if it didn’t work, it’s not the right opportunity for you”. Me, I was mostly fine when it didn’t feel like it was a right fit, but crushed when I truly wanted that chance.

Times goes by and it suddenly hits me: September. How did one or two months turned into a whole summer? F*ck, f*ck, f*ck. This realization, combined with being sick and alone at “home” for a whole week (boyfriend away on business, friends & family all in other places, no fixed activities to go to) sent me into a roller coaster of emotions, that culminated in a tiny meltdown.

I am not yet able to go into the details of how I felt, as every time I try I end up not expressing what I think the lesson was for me. However, I did find this cartoon which pretty much sums up how these days felt like.

I love how Sarah Andersen’s cartoons are always so on point, check her out here.


The one smart thing I did when feeling like that was to reach out to my friends, which helped me close this Pandora’s box. In Portuguese, there’s an expression that goes something like “if advice were that good you wouldn’t give them, you’d sell them”, but I don’t think I would have managed without their amazing (and I am sorry, friends, but) surprising insights.

Their life experiences — and the lessons that came along with it — were a powerful tool in helping me put things into perspective and accepting that what I felt was normal and that it is okay to change the plan. There’s no shame in adapting the dreams, as long as I feel there is happiness in this new option.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing perspective


I am definitely lucky that I get to travel (tomorrow, France!), but I still struggle with the fact that I just want to rush this period and know what it is that I’ll be doing next.

I need to learn that all l I can do is keep taking life with a sense of humor, doing my best to love well and working hard to reach my goals. It is not what I planned, but it can be just as good or even better than the original idea.



– –

Have you ever been through the same? Which strategies did you use to keep yourself centered or what helped you put things into perspective in moments of doubt? I’d love to know! 🙂



11 thoughts on “Journey into the Unknown

    1. Thank you for dropping by and sharing this thought! 🙂 It is very true: even with moments of doubt, it is a wonderful experience and opportunity to see the world. I will gladly spend more on traveling than on anything else, and my gifts to others are usually experiences together, rather than “things”.


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  1. Great post and an awesome insight of your thoughts. Do really want to stop traveling and go back to a stable but kind of limiting job in a 9-5 environment? Maybe, you could find a job in the Digital Nomad world? Work remotely and location independently. As a blogger, VA, entrepreneur. So many possibilities out there. Look for Hannah Dixon on facebook and her 5 Day VA challenge. Maybe this helps you to figure out if this could be an opportunity. Or at least, it helped me to find out what I wanna do 🙂 However, I wish you all the best and that you find “it” for you.


    1. Oh wow, Pia!! Such an amazing comment and great tip! I just checked it out and it seems like a great opportunity. Did you try this program? I always toyed with the idea of becoming a remote worker, but somehow thought this would be nearly impossible…


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