From night owl to early bird. Could I do it?

I have never been a morning person.

My mornings usually go like this: snooze, snooze and then snooze some more. Thinking of what to wear while still in bed, deciding whether or not I can go without washing my hair as this means an extra 30 minutes of laziness (anyone else out there who does the same?). Finally getting up, zombie-style, and turning on the coffee machine so that I have my morning fix straight out of the shower and not one second after that.

Me, most mornings 🙈

However, in the last week or so, after I had questioned everything, I started to think that I should somehow redesign my mornings. I mean, I changed everything about my life, so why has my morning routine stayed untouched, even when I have the freedom to plan my whole day? Could I somehow be more productive or optimistic if I changed that, too? I needed to at least give it a try so I decided to:

ONE | Try it while in France 

I was gonna travel there in just a couple of days (I wrote about Aix here), and a new city meant an easy motivation to get up early and go explore. It’s a way of seeing the place as it’s waking up, as the people go to school or work, go shopping or businesses open.

Local farmer’s market with the freshest, most delicious-looking, mouth-watering, wanna-cook-them-all ingredients

I went against all my instincts — I could hear the laziness refusing to let me go from her tight embrace, every muscle of my body with no will to move and my eyes refusing to open — and simply did it! I got up, got ready and, just to get myself in the mood for the day, decided to go French with black & white stripes and red lips, just because it always makes me feel badass. Silly, I know, but to me, red lips are a woman who knows what she wants… And I wanted croissants😂 That and conquering the world, but I’ll take the croissant and a black coffee first.

red lips, fashion, b&w, stripes, french style, selfie, lifestyleblogger
A selfie, because I was alone and because this is my favorite little necklace 🙂

TWO | Make the space work-ready

If my bed was made and there was no obvious temptation for laziness, I would be less tempted to lounge around when coming back… or not leaving at all. 😉 A tidy place makes me feel more focused and motivated, plus with a little apartment like this, it’s impossible not to want to keep it picture-perfect?


Rustic meets modern


THREE | Search for breakfast while on my morning walk

My only planned task for the morning was to go out and find myself a delicious French treat to add to breakfast. Pain au chocolat, my precious. ❤ (btw, you may by now have noticed how crazy I am about food? And doors. And more food…).

Not only would I feel motivated to go out, I would also not give in to the temptation of opening my laptop and, with it, my emails or lists of jobs to apply to. Trust me, it’s happened too. many. times.

pain au chocolat, work, laptop, apple, mac, macbook, notebook, coffee, writer, morning rituals
My areal photo skills are truly not perfect, but this baby was delicious! And so was the even more decadent pastry I bought the next day (but I was too hungry, so no pic of that one 😉 ).

FOUR | Mind freedom = more productivity

Going on a walk simply for the pleasure of walking allows my brain to do its own thing. If I don’t make a plan, I don’t need to think “what was that street’s name, again?”. Instead, I can simply allow myself to notice small details or wonder about the people’s lifestyle, as well as setting goals for the day and planning out a schedule for when I arrive home.

It worked! I’ve been having so much on my mind lately, but when I got home I was super productive. I completely redid my CV, found a few companies to apply to and actually put my heart into it. I searched for a few upcoming trip details. Selected pictures for the blog and thought about topics I’d like to write about!

empty street, aix-en-provence, aix, france, provence, old buildings, explore, adventure, travel, traveler
Walking through empty streets of Aix-en-Provence under a beautiful golden light allows me to focus on what matters

And this is when I realized what those early birds were up to! Perhaps they’re not superhuman but they simply LOVED how good it feels to be 10 am and somehow already have gotten so much done? Could that be? I certainly felt more relaxed and positive after taking these 1 – 1.5h walks in the morning!

Oh, I almost forgot! Another unsuspecting perk of getting up early and explore the city: the morning light makes me tall! 😉

shadow, early morning, sunlight, short girl problems
The only way for me, a “travel-sized” person, to feel tall! 😉


I will confess… after France, I did go back to more relaxed morning schedules. First, because I was exhausted after traveling until late night, then because old habits die hard, I guess? In any case, I do want to keep giving it a try and push myself out of my regular routine.

So this is why I’m wondering: are you an early bird or a night owl? And which are your strategies to get up and get going? Let me know! (Truly, this girl needs a push 😉 ).


14 thoughts on “From night owl to early bird. Could I do it?

  1. That meme though 😀

    I am definitely an early bird! Loving the silence in the morning and especially enjoying having the time to wake up stress-free and having a nice breakfast before rushing into the day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful post, I couldn’t agree more. I try and get everything done before 10am, that’s when I’ll sit down, fully focused on what I need to get done. I think this is a great way to start the morning and expoploring new places is a great way to settle into your new surroundings! I always look at this way, If I can look at what I’ve done in all that time I couldn have been snoozing.. its a very positive and good amount which tends to set me up on the path to happiness for the rest of the day 🙂

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  3. Loved it, but could we go the other way around? Or actually not 😀 I’m a night owl and an early bird and then a useless pigeon in the afternoons. Now that should be something I really need to work on. Why do people exist (and work) then? 😀

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  4. Wow! I really loved your post! It is so authentic and I can relate to. I believe in good morning routines. If you start your day right, you will have an amazing and productive day. Morning routine it it is me time. I have to children and without a little time for me in the morning would be really hard to have so much energy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, that’s lovely to hear! 🙂 I can imagine that when you have children life can get crazy unexpectedly and that your “me” time is even more special and essential! Maybe I should integrate a special ritual in my morning routine that gets me excited to get up, even on the days where the city isn’t new. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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