Up in the air with you

It’s been a year of this.

A year of cheesy romance, shooting stars, scooter rides and movie-like moments. A year of laughing every day, of loving every day. A year of sunsets, rooftops, and beaches. A year of traveling to each other, and finally traveling together. A year of dreaming. A year of knowing that there’s nothing more right than this. A year of being myself — from the very first moment — no matter how weird, awkward or silly that self is.

A year with you.


The man who turned my life upside down. Who proposed to me on the night we met because I had just caught the bouquet (we were at a wedding). The only one I couldn’t stop thinking about or talking to. The one who wasn’t afraid to dance like no one’s watching, even though they probably were. The one who from the beginning looked at me in a way that made me feel like my soul was undressed but still the most at ease I’ve ever been.

The one who made me believe in love. The true kind. The kind with fresh coffee in the mornings because I need longer to wake up. The kind that is alright with being cheesy, is never tired of hugging and always knows which music to choose. The kind that softened all my rough edges, made me throw all preconceptions out of the window, and somehow still feels like the most sound decision I’ve ever made. Because from the very beginning, I knew that you were different.


You have many superpowers. Making me laugh. Making a pineapple curry that sounded weird, but was delicious. Being enthusiastic about adventures. Making life easy and problems smaller. Loving your German music and singing in a contagious way. Having an unexpected sense of humor and a special face for your extra funny jokes. Making it so that sometimes the world just disappears. But of all these superpowers, I never knew — at least not until the trip we took to France — that walking on air was also one of them.

walking on air

It makes sense, though. I feel like I’ve been flying ever since you came into my life. So I just wanna tell you, the one who’s been my adventure partner in this year of adventures:

I love you. Thank you for being you.


24 thoughts on “Up in the air with you

  1. Pirilampo… Look at you being all cheesy, I knew from the beginning you need a little kickstart but even the hardest cheese will melt at one point 😉 Can’t wait for our next adventures, all available in the new episodes of “50 smells of cheese”. Stay tuned! I love you :*

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    1. It does, Stacey! I used to hear or read other stories and wonder if it is real, if it’s at all possible, never expecting to find it myself. I’m thankful it does exist and that I was lucky enough to find it! 🙂 thank you for your comment!


  2. What a lovely post. Listening to Teddy Pendergrass while reading this. i personally think that love is life’s most beautiful mystery. And yes, it so good loving somebody and somebody loves you back. Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. This was so freaking cute and adorable!! I can only hope everyone finds their special someone like you have 🙂 “I feel like I’ve been flying ever since you came into my life” SWOON!!

    Sondra xx


  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your love. It’s so great when you connect to the person who makes you feel the most at home being you. And who is completely themselves. And the two of you are completely comfortable with one another.


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