Hello, fellow traveler!

A year ago, I decided to turn my life upside down. I had found love and was ready to pack up my suitcase, travel the world, and find a new place to call home together with my partner in crime. ❤

What I didn’t know was just how big this adventure was about to become. What I thought would be a couple of months turned into more than half a year, the two trips I planned turned into more planes, trains and cars than I could count, and my two-week suitcase became my closet. Very easily put, for that time, wherever I did laundry, that was home.

And as exciting as that can be, there is also a part of human nature that craves normalcy, and a place to be based from. That’s why I started this blog — this was the space where I could share my adventures, my thoughts, and the thing that brought me some routine.

I love writing, traveling and eating so now, even though I have found my permanent home and life has went back to “normal”, I still love coming back to this blog and sharing these passions.

If you are a bit like me, then please stick around and join me on this adventure!





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